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Alabama Workers Compensation Coverage

Workers Compensation in Alabama

Workers' compensation insurance provides medical and wage benefits for people who are injured or become sick while at work. The coverage differs depending on the state you reside in. It is considered social insurance since it relies on a social contract between labor and management. Furthermore, workers' compensation insurance pays death benefits to families of employees who are killed while on the job. We offer workers' compensation insurance at McBride Benefit Solutions.

Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirements

Workers' comp insurance is required for all employers in the state of Alabama who have at least five employees. State law in Alabama also counts part-time workers, corporate officers, and members of an LLC as employees. Additionally, domestic employees that work in private homes are not required to obtain workers' comp insurance.


Following an accident or work-related illness, the injured employee must visit a healthcare facility immediately so a doctor can provide medical reports to support any injury claims. Employees will then be able to begin the claims filing process with their insurance company. State-mandated paperwork and other forms must be included in the claims filing process. Once these claims have been approved, the employee will receive the necessary compensation benefits and can return to work when they are ready.

Every business needs to obtain workers' comp insurance because it could cause financial devastation otherwise. Many companies are unable to pay medical bills out of their pocket. Without the necessary coverage, employees and businesses will be left in a difficult situation.

If an employee were to sue your company, your policy may include protection from employee lawsuits, also known as employer's liability insurance. This insurance is meant to protect your business if an employee files a lawsuit against you for not preventing a workplace accident.


Please contact McBride Benefit Solutions today to obtain a quote for workers' compensation insurance. We are located in Florence, AL.

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