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Does boat insurance protect my boat in drydock?

Protect Your Boat Anywhere in the U.S. with McBride Benefit Solutions

McBride Benefit Solutions offers robust boat insurance that protects your watercraft and personal items onboard anywhere in the U.S., not just in Florence, AL. Our cover extends to various locations and scenarios, whether the boat is docked or kaleidoscoping through Alabama’s captivating waters.

Guard Your Investment During Storage

As a boat owner, you may realize that your insurance policy covers your watercraft and liability while you’re sailing. But, it also shields your investment when your boat is in storage: at the marina on a wet mooring or resting in drydock. Regardless of where your boat is docked, it remains covered according to your tiered coverage.

If, for instance, a friend incurs an injury while helping you load the boat onto a trailer at drydock, your boat insurance’s liability coverage kicks in. Suppose you include comprehensive coverage in your boat insurance policy. In that case, it could cushion damages incurred while your boat is in drydock due to a break-in or any damage to the drydock itself.

Personalized Insurance That Suits Your Needs

Many insurance service providers promise personalized policies, but at McBride Benefit Solutions, we customize coverage based on how you use and store your boat. This customization allows you to decide the types of coverage that end up in your boat insurance policy.

If you want all eventualities covered, make sure to inform your insurance agent to create a comprehensive policy for you.

Get Your Boat Insured with Us

Contact McBride Benefit Solutions today for a well-rounded boat insurance policy. Before sailing away from your Florence, AL home, ensure you have insured your boat to cover liability, property damage, personal belongings, comprehensive, and collision protection.

Beyond the Basics: How Umbrella Insurance Elevates Protection

When you buy insurance of any kind in Florence, AL, you assume that you’ve got all the protection that you need. While having a variety of policies does provide quite a bit of financial protection, umbrella insurance can offer even more peace of mind.

At McBride Benefit Solutions, we have agents who can talk to you about why umbrella insurance is such a critical option.

Umbrella Insurance Goes Above & Beyond

Depending on what you own and where you live in Florence, you may already have a few policies. This can include homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, and even specialty products like RV, boat, and more.

An umbrella policy allows you to extend the coverage of ALL of these policies – kind of like an umbrella offers protection on a rainy day.

Expect the Unexpected

One of the best ways to elevate your protection in Florence, AL, is to expect the unexpected. You do that by making sure that you have thought of every possibility – and remember that you never know what could happen.

While your insurance policies are built based on a few assumptions, the coverage may not be enough. If there is a significant accident or problem, your insurance may not cover as much as you had hoped – and that would mean you’re on the hook for the rest.

You don’t want one accident to bankrupt you, which is why umbrella policies are so important. They kick in when you’ve exhausted the coverage on your standard policy.

Consult With Us

When you’re ready to learn more about how to create an umbrella policy that goes beyond your standard policies, call us. One of our agents at McBride Benefit Solutions can work with you to create an individual policy that will offer you more protection and even more peace of mind.

How to Qualify for Medicare before You Turn 65

Did you know you could qualify for Medicare before you reach the age of 65? Various factors come into play when qualifying for government insurance coverage. If you become disabled and unable to work at a younger age, you could start getting Medicare benefits. Our insurance professionals at McBride Benefit Solutions, serving Florence, AL, could help you analyze your options when shopping for a Medicare plan.

You Must Have a Qualifying Disability

It’s not enough to have a basic injury to qualify for Medicare.  If you become disabled, your condition must inhibit you from working again or performing everyday functions.  Some common examples of serious disabilities that could qualify for early Medicare coverage are Parkinson’s Disease, Heart Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Lupus Disease.  If you become diagnosed with an illness that is expected to last at least a year at a young age, you may qualify for Medicare coverage.

You Must Already be Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

When you become diagnosed with a disability, before you start getting Medicare benefits, you’ll likely start receiving a monthly benefit that replaces lost wages from not working regularly called Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI).  You must be getting SSDI benefits for 24 months before you can start getting Medicare.  You’ll be automatically enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B and start receiving insurance.  However, if you’ve been diagnosed with ALS or end-stage renal disease (ESRD), you will start receiving Medicare soon after you get SSDI.

Enroll in a Local Program to Help You Understand your Options

If you’ve been struggling to understand Medicare and its benefits, there’s a local program in Alabama that can help you in that area.  The Alabama State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) is composed of volunteers and counselors who are here for you to help you understand your Medicare options.  They also could help you in figuring out if you qualify for early coverage.

Contact Us for More Medicare Information

While the SHIP program is great in assisting you to better understand the Medicare program, our insurance professionals could take it one step further in helping you decide on a plan.  When you’re ready to take that step, contact our Florence, AL office at McBride Benefit Solutions today.     

Should I make a home inventory if I have renters insurance?

You may not think you need a home inventory if you don’t own your home. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to recover your losses if you aren’t really sure what was in your Florence, AL apartment. McBride Benefit Solutions can help you with the process of making a home inventory so that you are better protected in case anything ever happens.

The Importance Of Making a Home Inventory

It’s actually ideal to have a home inventory before you purchase home insurance. That way, you have a record of what you have and the value you need to insure. You don’t want to buy more home insurance than you need any more than you want to find out that you don’t have enough coverage.

Steps To Making a Home Inventory

  1. Take pictures and/or videos of your belongings. Take pictures of your serial numbers and write them down.
  2. Write down the value of your items. The actual value will depreciate, but you can use these numbers to get an idea of how much everything is worth.
  3. Keep your receipts, especially for big-ticket items. Take pictures of them.
  4. Store all this information off-site so that if anything happens to your apartment, the documentation will still be safe. 
  5. Keep your inventory up-to-date, such as when you get a new TV.

Home Inventory Apps

You may find it easier to do a home inventory with an app. Encircle is an app that even keeps track of the changing value of your items. Sortly allows you to put your belongings into categories. You can find other apps on your preferred platform.

We Are Here To Help

Protect your Florence, AL belongings by making sure that you have a detailed home inventory. If you need help, or if you would like to discuss your policy, please call McBride Benefit Solutions today.

Can RV Insurance Help Replace a Stolen RV?

As we know at McBride Benefit Solutions in Florence, AL, an RV owner’s worst nightmare is entering their garage and finding that their prized RV is no longer there because it fell into the hands of thieves. When your RV has been stolen, there may be a million different thoughts running through your head. You might wonder if it’s your fault or if there was something you could have done differently to prevent the theft. You might also wonder if your home will be a target of another theft now that someone has stolen something that is so valuable to you. 

Can RV Insurance Help Replace a Stolen RV?

For many RV owners who have had their RV stolen, a chief concern is how they will afford to replace an RV. After all, RVs are not cheap. Even if you bought a used RV or got a good deal on it years ago, the costs associated with replacing an RV can be more than what your budget can cover. Thankfully, in this case, your RV insurance policy may be able to help. Although some RV insurance policies might have different coverage, terms, or limits than others, we can give you a general idea of what you can expect when you ask your insurance agent at our office whether your policy could potentially cover some or all of the costs of replacing a stolen RV.

When an RV has been stolen, your RV coverage could potentially cover all or some of the costs associated with replacement depending on the terms. There may be certain limits to your level of coverage. When you speak with an agent, they’ll walk you through this process.

For RV coverage, call McBride Benefit Solutions in Florence, AL today!

Two Wheels, One Priority: Protect Your Ride with Motorcycle Insurance

The thrill of the wind blowing in your hair and the freedom of the open road can be intoxicating for Alabama bikers. Alabama motorcycle owners must protect their two-wheeled investments with motorcycle insurance. 

The motorcycle insurance professionals at McBride Benefit Solutions in Florence, AL can help you choose a motorcycle policy that meets your needs! 

Why Motorcycle Insurance Matters for Bikers 

Motorcycle insurance can provide a financial safety net in the event of an accident or theft. It is important for bikers to note that not all motorcycle insurance policies are the same. Each policy offers unique features and benefits that can be customized to meet your needs. 

Liability Insurance for Motorcycles

Liability insurance offers the most basic level of coverage. All bikers on Alabama roads are required to have it by law. All bikers riding on Alabama roads are legally required to have a minimum of liability insurance coverage. 

Motorcycle liability insurance offers basic coverages and protects riders when they are in an at-fault accident. Liability insurance for bikers helps safeguard their finances and protects them from legal claims in accidents where physical injuries or property damage claims are a concern. 

Collision Coverage for Motorcycles

Collision coverage for bikes can help you repair damages or replace your motorcycle if it is totaled in a motorcycle accident — regardless of who is at fault. 

Comprehensive Coverage for Bikers

Alabama bikers who get comprehensive motorcycle insurance are covered for non-collision-related accidents caused by natural disasters, vandalism, and other covered incidents. 

Reach Out To Us

The knowledgeable agents at McBride Benefit Solutions in Florence, AL can talk to you about your options for coverage and help you choose a policy — contact an agent today to learn more! 

Boat Insurance and Cybersecurity: Protecting Digital Assets on the Water

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into every aspect of our lives in the Florence, AL area, the boating industry is not immune to the growing need for cybersecurity. Modern boats rely on digital assets vulnerable to cyber threats, from navigation systems to onboard entertainment. 

The Digital Transformation of Boating

Today’s boats have various digital systems that enhance navigation, communication, and entertainment. While these technological advancements provide convenience and efficiency, they also introduce new vulnerabilities. Hackers and cybercriminals can target these systems, potentially compromising the vessel’s safety and its occupants’ sensitive information. 

Recognizing the Risks

The potential risks of cyber threats in the boating industry are significant. Hacking into navigation systems could lead to incorrect course-plotting, endangering the crew and passengers. Data breaches may expose personal information, financial details, and even sensitive communication exchanged while on board. The interconnected nature of modern boats amplifies these risks, making cybersecurity a critical consideration for boat owners.

The Role of Boat Insurance in Cybersecurity

While boat insurance traditionally covered physical damage and liability, the landscape is evolving to encompass modern risks. Many boat insurance policies now include provisions for cybersecurity-related incidents. During a cyber-attack that affects the boat’s operation or compromises sensitive information, boat insurance can cover legal fees, financial losses, and expenses related to notifying affected parties.

Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

Boat owners should take proactive cybersecurity measures. This includes regularly updating software, using strong passwords, and employing encryption where possible. Investing in boat insurance with cybersecurity coverage ensures you’re prepared to face the financial consequences of cyber threats, helping you confidently navigate these modern challenges.

McBride Benefit Solutions Can Help You

At McBride Benefit Solutions, we can answer all your questions concerning boat insurance. We assist the Florence, AL region. Contact us today.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Our agents at McBride Benefit Solutions serving the Florence, AL area understand the importance of having an umbrella insurance policy in addition to your already existing insurance policies. An umbrella insurance policy will come in handy if you need more coverage than you already have when it comes to a boating or car accident, personal liability situation, and several other scenarios.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

It is important to understand what umbrella insurance is and how it works. It is a very important additional insurance policy you can obtain to go along with your auto, homeowners, boat, motorcycle, and other insurance policies you may already have in place. You can add an umbrella insurance policy to help give you an extra layer of protection when it comes to your personal liability as well as property damage and even legal expenses.

For example, if you are sued for libel or slander, your umbrella insurance policy can really help you out in paying for your legal fees and other things associated with a case like that. An umbrella insurance policy will be used after the limits of your primary insurance policies have already been used to their limits. An umbrella insurance policy will basically help to ensure that you do not end up with some type of large financial burden that you cannot overcome.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

One of the most important areas that is covered by umbrella insurance is personal liability. For example, if someone is visiting your home and falls down and is injured, your homeowner’s insurance will only cover up to a certain amount of the person’s medical bills and other fees associated with their accident. An umbrella policy can then kick in and help pay these costs, which can even include legal fees if that person decides to file a lawsuit against you.

Another way an umbrella insurance policy is important is by helping you out if you face some sort of lawsuit or even false arrest. An umbrella insurance policy can give you the added protection you need to provide you with a great sense of peace of mind.

Contact Us Today

As insurance professionals serving the Florence, AL area, the experienced and trustworthy agents at McBride Benefit Solutions are very knowledgeable about umbrella insurance policies. Call us today to schedule your appointment to create the best umbrella insurance for you and your situation.

What should I think about when getting medicare insurance?

Medicare has continued to be a primary form of insurance coverage for senior citizens all over the country. While Medicare is a helpful form of insurance coverage, you could quickly find that there are a lot of options to consider when you are building a policy. There are various factors that you should think about when you are looking for a new Medicare insurance plan.  

Coverage Options

When you are looking for a new Medicare insurance plan, one important factor to think about is your coverage options. While most people will get Medicare Part A, you should also think about getting Parts B, C, and D, each of which offers different forms of coverage. The need to obtain this coverage will vary based on your situation and risk factors and if you need regular medication.

Provider Networks

You may also consider getting a Medicare Advantage Plan. One of these plans can be more cost-effective and offer more coverage. However, there are often networks and rules that need to be abided by to receive full coverage when you need it. If you are considering this type of coverage, you should evaluate the network to ensure your physician is covered or that other providers have a good reputation and availability to take you on as a patient.  

Looking for Insurance in Florence, AL?

Medicare continues to be a great form of insurance for people throughout the Florence, AL area. When you are enrolling for coverage, you could be surprised by the number of options and choices to make. If you are looking for coverage in this region, you should call our team with McBride Benefit Solutions. With McBride Benefit Solutions, we take pride in helping people assess their various Medicare options and build an ideal plan that would meet their needs. 

Is Renter’s Insurance Really Necessary?

If you’re renting an apartment or space in a private home, then you’ll need renters insurance. The basic structure is covered under homeowners or commercial property insurance in the case of an apartment complex. The contents are covered to a point, but not in an apartment building. McBride Benefit Solutions explains why renter’s insurance in Florence, AL is necessary.

Define Necessary

Your personal possessions are worth something to you, especially if you have works of art or professional equipment. You’d want reimbursement for these things if an emergency happened.

If something happens to the structure such as fire or flood, then you’ll need a place to stay while the structure is repaired. This and more costs money you might not have. The coverage from the renter’s insurance will help.

If you’re like most of us, your financial records, your work, your family pictures, and more are stored on your computer. Lose that, and the information could be irreplaceable. This may be one of the most important reasons to get renter’s insurance.

What If I’m Away From Home?

Many policies cover you when you’re not home. Let’s say you were visiting Aunt Harriet in Idaho, and you stopped for a meal. If your phone or laptop is taken, then your renter’s insurance could cover the loss. Check with your insurer to make certain.

What If I Don’t Have Renter’s Insurance?

Possibly nothing. Possibly you could be on the hook for replacing your belongings in the case of an emergency. It’s up to the renter if the small savings are worth the loss of their possessions. It isn’t legally required, so it’s ultimately up to the renter.

Reach Out To Us

Insurance is there to replace things in our lives when things go south. Even renters enjoy protection normally given to homeowners. Drop by our office in Florence, AL, or call us at McBride Benefit Solutions to learn more about it.

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