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Is Renter’s Insurance Really Necessary?

If you’re renting an apartment or space in a private home, then you’ll need renters insurance. The basic structure is covered under homeowners or commercial property insurance in the case of an apartment complex. The contents are covered to a point, but not in an apartment building. McBride Benefit Solutions explains why renter’s insurance in Florence, AL is necessary.

Define Necessary

Your personal possessions are worth something to you, especially if you have works of art or professional equipment. You’d want reimbursement for these things if an emergency happened.

If something happens to the structure such as fire or flood, then you’ll need a place to stay while the structure is repaired. This and more costs money you might not have. The coverage from the renter’s insurance will help.

If you’re like most of us, your financial records, your work, your family pictures, and more are stored on your computer. Lose that, and the information could be irreplaceable. This may be one of the most important reasons to get renter’s insurance.

What If I’m Away From Home?

Many policies cover you when you’re not home. Let’s say you were visiting Aunt Harriet in Idaho, and you stopped for a meal. If your phone or laptop is taken, then your renter’s insurance could cover the loss. Check with your insurer to make certain.

What If I Don’t Have Renter’s Insurance?

Possibly nothing. Possibly you could be on the hook for replacing your belongings in the case of an emergency. It’s up to the renter if the small savings are worth the loss of their possessions. It isn’t legally required, so it’s ultimately up to the renter.

Reach Out To Us

Insurance is there to replace things in our lives when things go south. Even renters enjoy protection normally given to homeowners. Drop by our office in Florence, AL, or call us at McBride Benefit Solutions to learn more about it.

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