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Does boat insurance protect my boat in drydock?

Protect Your Boat Anywhere in the U.S. with McBride Benefit Solutions

McBride Benefit Solutions offers robust boat insurance that protects your watercraft and personal items onboard anywhere in the U.S., not just in Florence, AL. Our cover extends to various locations and scenarios, whether the boat is docked or kaleidoscoping through Alabama’s captivating waters.

Guard Your Investment During Storage

As a boat owner, you may realize that your insurance policy covers your watercraft and liability while you’re sailing. But, it also shields your investment when your boat is in storage: at the marina on a wet mooring or resting in drydock. Regardless of where your boat is docked, it remains covered according to your tiered coverage.

If, for instance, a friend incurs an injury while helping you load the boat onto a trailer at drydock, your boat insurance’s liability coverage kicks in. Suppose you include comprehensive coverage in your boat insurance policy. In that case, it could cushion damages incurred while your boat is in drydock due to a break-in or any damage to the drydock itself.

Personalized Insurance That Suits Your Needs

Many insurance service providers promise personalized policies, but at McBride Benefit Solutions, we customize coverage based on how you use and store your boat. This customization allows you to decide the types of coverage that end up in your boat insurance policy.

If you want all eventualities covered, make sure to inform your insurance agent to create a comprehensive policy for you.

Get Your Boat Insured with Us

Contact McBride Benefit Solutions today for a well-rounded boat insurance policy. Before sailing away from your Florence, AL home, ensure you have insured your boat to cover liability, property damage, personal belongings, comprehensive, and collision protection.

Boat Insurance and Cybersecurity: Protecting Digital Assets on the Water

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into every aspect of our lives in the Florence, AL area, the boating industry is not immune to the growing need for cybersecurity. Modern boats rely on digital assets vulnerable to cyber threats, from navigation systems to onboard entertainment. 

The Digital Transformation of Boating

Today’s boats have various digital systems that enhance navigation, communication, and entertainment. While these technological advancements provide convenience and efficiency, they also introduce new vulnerabilities. Hackers and cybercriminals can target these systems, potentially compromising the vessel’s safety and its occupants’ sensitive information. 

Recognizing the Risks

The potential risks of cyber threats in the boating industry are significant. Hacking into navigation systems could lead to incorrect course-plotting, endangering the crew and passengers. Data breaches may expose personal information, financial details, and even sensitive communication exchanged while on board. The interconnected nature of modern boats amplifies these risks, making cybersecurity a critical consideration for boat owners.

The Role of Boat Insurance in Cybersecurity

While boat insurance traditionally covered physical damage and liability, the landscape is evolving to encompass modern risks. Many boat insurance policies now include provisions for cybersecurity-related incidents. During a cyber-attack that affects the boat’s operation or compromises sensitive information, boat insurance can cover legal fees, financial losses, and expenses related to notifying affected parties.

Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

Boat owners should take proactive cybersecurity measures. This includes regularly updating software, using strong passwords, and employing encryption where possible. Investing in boat insurance with cybersecurity coverage ensures you’re prepared to face the financial consequences of cyber threats, helping you confidently navigate these modern challenges.

McBride Benefit Solutions Can Help You

At McBride Benefit Solutions, we can answer all your questions concerning boat insurance. We assist the Florence, AL region. Contact us today.

Four important things to know about boat insurance

If you own a boat in Florence, AL and surrounding communities, McBride Benefit Solutions can provide you with insurance coverage. There are a few important things that boat owners need to know when it comes to insurance coverage for their watercraft. 

The following are four important things to know about boat insurance:

Boat insurance policies generally place limits on how much personal property coverage they offer.

Policyholders should pay attention to how valuable the items they keep in their boats are. While boat insurance policies do typically come with some personal property coverage that reimburses policyholders for damaged property within their boat, this coverage is limited. 

Boat owners with especially valuable electronics or other expensive items in their boats should definitely look into increasing their personal property coverage policy maximums. 

Boat insurance may be required by your marina.

Many boat owners keep their boats stored at a marina. If you use a marina to moor your boat, you need to research the policy of your marina. If your marina requires boat insurance coverage, you’ll have to purchase a policy to make sure you’re following the rules. 

Boat insurance coverage is typically either actual cash value coverage or agreed value coverage. 

The two main types of coverage are actual cash value coverage and agreed value coverage. Actual cash value coverage will cover you for the market value of your boat at the time that it is destroyed. Agreed value coverage will cover you for a certain amount regardless of how much your boat is worth at the moment. 

Boat owners should be aware of added coverage options.

Policyholders should research added coverage options. You might be interested in ice and freeze damage, oil spill cleanup, depreciation waiver, and other types of coverage that you can add to your policy. 

Reach Out To Us Today

Get a quote today on a boat insurance policy that will protect you financially when you’re enjoying your watercraft. Boat owners in Florence, AL can rely on us at McBride Benefit Solutions to get the coverage that they’re looking for. 

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